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Who says a true-crime podcast has to be true?

The Story

It’s one of the things about this case that kind of bobs above the water for me, like a disturbing buoy.   –Serial

 It was on our second (or third) listening of Serial that we noticed that line. A disturbing buoy? Seriously? It was an insane metaphor, almost self-parody. The more we thought about it, we realized that the whole true-crime podcast genre itself was ready for parody. A year later, Murder We Wrote went live.

Murder We Wrote is everything you want in a true crime podcast, except for the true part. In this 12-episode series, Lawrence Davies, an almost award-winning journalist, and his less-than patient producer, Casey Palmer attempt to solve a cold case in one of the hottest places on earth - Moonpark, Arizona. A young woman has gone missing, the Sheriff seems more interested in his Buick dealership, and the number one suspect is the nicest guy in town. If Lawrence and Casey can handle the lies, the never-ending twists, and the unbearable heat, they might just find out what happened to Susie Sievers.